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Carrier News and Bulletins | March 15, 2023 (including last 7 days)

new-icon.jpg Premium Discount Rate Rises to 5% More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg Now Available in CA: Term Life Accelerated Benefits Rider More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg Improved Products Are Better Together: Term and IUL Sales Idea More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg Assurity: Help Women Take Control of Their Financial Futures More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg Discover Their New VUL Buffered Index Options More (03.15.23)

John Hancock
new-icon.jpg Standout Protection Solutions More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Introducing John Hancock's New Protection UL More (03.08.23)

pdf_icon.gif New Protection VUL 23 Offers Meaningful Solutions More (03.08.23)

Legal & General
new-icon.jpg Term Expiry Marketing Campaign More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg LTC: Real Time Approval for MoneyGuard Cases Under 60 More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Webinar on Wednesday March 15 at 2:00 p.m. ET: Change Perceptions to Break Through Client Resistance More (03.08.23)

new-icon.jpg Disability: Webinar on March 21, at 1:00 p.m. ET: Multi-life Discount Program More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: Important Changes Coming to MassMutual's Multi-Life Discount Program More (03.08.23)

Mutual of Omaha
new-icon.jpg Disability: Increase Your Mutual Income Solutions Placement Rate More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg LTC: Costs to Waiting to Purchase LTCi More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg LTC: New to Selling Long Term Care Insurance? More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Med Sup Broker Bonus Program More (03.08.23)

pdf_icon.gif Updates to COVID-19 Underwriting Guidelines More (03.08.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: A Mutual Income Solutions Overview More (03.08.23)

pdf_icon.gif LTC: Condition-Related Marketing: Physical Therapy More (03.08.23)

pdf_icon.gif Higher Cap, Particpation, and Fixed Rates in Select Nationwide IUL Products More (03.08.23)

North American
new-icon.jpg Maximum Illustrated Rate Changes for IUL Policies More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg Webinar on Thursday, April 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET: North American Product with Christie Goodrich More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Webinar on Tuesday, March 28 at 2:00 p.m. ET: Winning Her Business: Help Unlock Sales and Market Share More (03.08.23)

new-icon.jpg LTC: Updates to Underwriting Guidelines for HIV and e-interview Part 2 for Care Solutions More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Annuity: Retirement Insights More (03.08.23)

Pacific Life
pdf_icon.gif Revised AG 49-A Maximum Illustrated Rates for Certain Indexed Universal Life Insurance Products, Effective May 1, 2023 More (03.08.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: Take Your Individual Disability Income Insurance Sales to the Next Level More (03.08.23)

new-icon.jpg Reprice Alert: Advantage Choice UL and Lifetime Assurance UL More (03.15.23)

new-icon.jpg Reprice Alert: Protective Classic Choice Term More (03.15.23)

The Standard
new-icon.jpg Disability: Winning IDI Strategies fro Residents and Fellows More (03.15.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: Maximize Resident Benefits With Simplified Underwriting More (03.08.23)

new-icon.jpg Protect Clients Faster with Policy eDelivery More (03.15.23)

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