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Carrier News and Bulletins | January 18, 2023 (including last 7 days)

pdf_icon.gif Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage FIUL: Cap, Participation Rate, and Fixed Rate Increases More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif Announcing 2023 Dividend More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: Your One-Stop Shop for Disability Content More (01.11.23)

John Hancock
new-icon.jpg Now Approved in CA: New Protection UL 22 and Protection SUL 22 More (01.18.23)

pdf_icon.gif New Protection VUL More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif Coming Soon: Lincoln WealthAccelerate IUL More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif Index Account Rate Changes More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif Webinar on Tuesday, January 24 at 2:00 p.m. ET: Take a Faster Route From Planning to Policy With Lincoln's New IUL More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif LTC: MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage Pricing Improvements More (01.11.23)

Mutual of Omaha
new-icon.jpg Close the Sale Faster with Automated Underwriting More (01.18.23)

new-icon.jpg Updated Life Underwriting Guidelines More (01.18.23)

new-icon.jpg Disability: Cancer Insurance—Competitive Rates for Clients More (01.18.23) 

new-icon.jpg Disability: How Does Disability Insurance Protection Mortgages? More (01.18.23)

new-icon.jpg LTC: Tips for Long Term Care Applications More (01.18.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: Put DI to Work: A Recap More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif LTC: Six Steps to LTCi Sales More (01.11.23)

National Guardian Life
new-icon.jpg LTC: Updated 2023 Tax Summary More (01.18.23)

National Life Group
new-icon.jpg Increased Caps from Life of the Southwest More (01.18.23)

new-icon.jpg New Guaranteed Issue Term Product More (01.18.23)

new-icon.jpg Repriced Classic Choice Term More (01.18.23)

pdf_icon.gif January 2023 Changes to Index Accounts More (01.11.23)

pdf_icon.gif Processing Deadline for Your Clients' 2022 IRA Contributions More (01.11.23)

new-icon.jpg SecureCare III Price Improvement More (01.18.23)

The Standard
new-icon.jpg Disability: Enhance Client Financial Protection with Benefit Increase Rider (BIR) More (01.18.23)

pdf_icon.gif Disability: Updated Forms Available Online and in eApp More (01.11.23)

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